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$399.00 (professional) & $1500 (non professional)














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 $500 (professional) & $1500 (non-professional)


(Limited seats available)

Apsara Training Center Remains the #1 Eyebrow Threading Certification Company Since 2001. Get Certified and Start Growing Your Threading Business Today!

Eyebrow Threading Certification Course Includes:

● 100% Hands On Step by Step Instruction.
● All Materials Needed for Training Workshop.
● Course Manual With Techniques, Procedures and Services.
● Hand to Hand / Figure Eight Threading Technique.
● Certificate of Completion (Same Day Certification).

Threading Kit with everything you need to get started

What You'll Learn:

● Sanitation and rules required for threading
Precautions you must take before threading
How to make a perfect loop with magical thread
● Shaping Essentials and 12 techniques for different facial features
How to do threading on yourself
How to thread on face & other body parts
● Secrets To Make You A Better Brow Artist Instantly
● Instructions on how to correct the Eyebrow Threading Blunders
● Specific techniques to make you an expert eyebrow Designer
Different hair removal methods & why threading method is best for you
How to thread on acne and sensitive skin
● Confidence that you can create magical brows on any client
● How to gain more Clients who pay Top Dollar and return to you

 About Sangeeta

Sangeeta has been called "one of the best eyebrow designers" in the professional beauty industry. She began her obsession in 1987 and went off on her own to learn about the different theories of eyebrow design. Over the past 28 years she has honed her skills, developed a signature style of eyebrow shaping and built a successful salon dedicated solely to eyebrow design. She continues to educate herself with current methods & products available on the market today and keep her passion alive to educate newcomers in the beauty industry.

Fees & Schedule

Course Fees: Professional Threading Course $500
Non-Professional Threading Course $1500

(includes hands-on Training, Certification)

All fees are payable in advance before the start of the course. 
8 hour course for professional
                   One month course for non-professional

Registration and enrollment is open from January 2017

Nationwide Calendar
coming soon for 2017

Please call (832) 252-7272 for space availability

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